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Allyson Smith


This is my first year as school counselor at Adams Elementary. I am at Adams on Tuesdays-Fridays. 

I currently teach 20 counselor classes per week between my time at Adams Elementary and Roosevelt Elementary. 

In between classes I aim to meet with as many students individually or in small groups as possible. I determine which students I meet with from teacher/principal referrals, student requests, or due to my own observation of needs of a student. 

Adams is a bucket filling school! smiley

I started a new kindness initiative at Adams this year called “Have You Filled A Bucket Today”. Your student may have received a bucket filler ticket with a note detailing the small act of kindness they were caught doing at school. Any student or staff member can “fill” any person’s bucket at school. We started this in October and it has really seemed to have a positive impact on students. At our pep assembly each month we award the Top Ten Bucket Fillers of the Month with a certificate. For more information on bucket filling please see the following website.

Student Council

I am co-sponsor of Adams Student Council. Each homeroom class has two class representatives that attend student council meetings every other Wednesday from 3:15-3:45. Student Council plans spirit days for each month, plans fundraisers to raise money for student council to use in upcoming service projects. 


January Curriculum

This month with all grade levels we have been using Second Step curriculum and have been going through the first unit which covers expressing feelings, reading other’s feelings and how to appropriately react to other’s feelings. 

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